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IGT is one of the most popular casino software companies in the world. They are best well known for slots games, especially in the UK. Their video style casino slots are the most popular. IGT has stayed ahead of the game through their innovative approach to casino technology including offering IGT free play casino software. There are many casino software developments that IGT has played a major role in over the years.

One is being the first casino tech company to create a video poker machine. They were also the first to introduce database powered casino rewards programmes which aid casinos in tracking customers. Moreover, IGT is responsible for making customer loyalty rewards a standard in the industry. IGT free play casino software will often provide free spins and no deposit IGT casino bonuses for new customers enticing them to register and play for fun.

Another innovation that has made IGT a critical player in the casino software industry is the bill acceptor. While most people would consider this a standard feature of modern day casinos, the bill acceptor was not in fact always around. While not as important these days with online gambling and IGT free play casino software, the bill acceptor was a significant landmark in changing the way land based casinos accommodated customers. Its invention by IGT in 1993 changed the way land based casinos operated and revolutionized players ability to reach their maximum gambling potential. This bill acceptor helped IGT gain recognition on the New York Stock Exchange in the early nineties.

IGT’s brilliance doesn’t stop there. Another feature that most gambling machines offer today is the EZ Pay ticketing system – or at least a version of it. This means customers can cash themselves out thus cutting back on casinos employment related costs and such. This ingenious function also helped pave the way for IGT free play casino software as it eased casino owners and players alike into a more automated way of dealing with their money and also allowed them to game at no cost.

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IGT Free Play Mobile Casinos

Finally, IGT is credited with being the first casino tech company to recognize and capitalize on the emerging mobile casino market. Currently, IGT offers some of the most reliable and trusted casino software in the industry, successfully converting their much loved land based games to online and mobile versions. IGT casinos offer two main bonus types that help attract new players and that continue to reward existing ones who have opted to make the switch to real money gaming. The main bonus that IGT is identified with is the match casino bonuses. Ranging from 100% to 200% percentage match deposits awarded by the casino up to specified deposit amounts, people are able to trust IGT to help them along with their pursuits of growing their bank account. The second bonus that can be found is the no deposit bonus. While less popular, some IGT casinos will provide new players with a bit of cash to start with instead of requiring newbies to begin playing with their own money. This is great for those that wish to start playing immediately. IGT free play casino software can easily be found via online casino review sites. Players will be amped with IGT’s long track record of near flawless track record including highest ranking on issues like transparency and customer satisfaction.