iPad Video Poker UK

Inspired by the mega casinos that line the famous Las Vegas strip, iPad video poker is an accurate and realistic version of the land-based casino game that first become popular in the early 1980’s.

Considered a hybrid between poker and slots games, video poker is one of the web’s most played forms of casino entertainment and players from around the world love this virtual card game that offers massive rewards and hours of entertainment. iPad video poker seamlessly combines the strategy of poker with fast-pace of slots, and both new and experienced players will love the vibrant and exciting game play that’s offered by this virtual casino game.

The objective of iPad video poker is the same of that in brick and mortar casinos, and players must build the best poker hand possible out of the cards they are dealt. Before players begin a hand they must determine what size of wager they wish to place and then, depending on the variation enjoyed, between 5 and 7 cards are dealt. From this first hand players can choose to discard any or all of the cards in favour of a new set, in an attempt to build a stronger hand. The player is awarded a win if they have a specific pair, straight or flush and the payouts depend wholly on the style of game chosen.

Royal Flush in iPad Video Poker

Just like in poker, the highest payout for an iPad video poker hand is for the Royal Flush and players who attain this combination of cards are in for a huge treat! Full houses and straights also all receive payouts, as do pairs in many of the games variants. The varying types of video poker hand determine the house edge, and this exciting game is renowned for giving players some of the most favourable odds online.

There are a multitude of different video pokers games on offer for iPad users and Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Texas Hold ‘em, Omaha hi and Lo and Five card stud are just some of the most commonly enjoyed styles. Players can enjoy optimised, compatible iPad video poker games at their leisure and opt to play in-browser or downloadable games in any environment of their choosing.

For first time players it’s advised that they try their hand at a few of the free iPad casino games to familiarise themselves with the strategies, style and game play required. These free games are a great way to get in some practice and allow for players to boost their confidence levels before they embark on gaming for real.

Real Money Video Poker on iPad

iPad video poker can be exceptionally lucrative and players who opt for real money games stand a chance of winning big in just a few minutes. In addition to the usual real money games many top mobile casinos also offer progressive jackpot video poker games that can accumulate incredible amounts of money, and be especially rewarding. These jackpots are highly sought after by mobile players as they offer the ultimate gaming thrill and can literally be beneficial!

Try your hand at iPad video poker at mega casinos today and discover an exciting, rewarding and entertaining game that’s made the hugely successful transition from land based casinos to the virtual world!