RTG Casino Match Bonuses

Real Time Gaming (RTG) has a somewhat precarious history. However, their reputation has been slowly been restored over the past several years by the dedication of a few select casino operators. Now you can find Real Time Gaming software operating sin some of the most trusted casinos, including online casinos complete with an array of rewarding bonuses including Real Time Gaming match bonuses.

While RTG entered the casino tech market much after some of its biggest competitors, the company rapidly became a pertinent software developer with the well-known slogan “Take Gaming Seriously”. They then experienced success by introducing the first one hundred hand video online poker games. Eventually RTG launched Real Series slots.  This multi-line video slots venue boasted thrilling themes and rewarding bonus rounds. Along with offering Real Time match bonuses, no deposit bonuses and loyalty bonuses, RTG’s progressive jackpot pool is one of the biggest jackpots on offer, especially for those residing in the United States who have limited access to online gambling.

Real Time Gaming casinos have over 120 games available and the Real Time Gaming match bonuses are by far some of the most generous bonuses out there for online casino gamers. Many of these games, with their respective bonuses, are also available for playing on mobile devices.

As online gambling increases, especially through the use of iPhones, iPads, Androids and Blackberries, the RTG market stands to expand exponentially since they have access to a large gaming demographic from the US, where other software companies continue to provide limited or no services. Several jackpots promising over one million dollar wins and impressive Real Time Gaming match bonuses are extremely alluring features to draw even more of a crowd in the States.

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RTG Sign Up Bonuses

For example, one US based RTG casino game titled Desert Nights promises a sign up bonus of a 200% deposit match bonus, the first time a player deposits money. This Real Time Gaming match bonus means players have a chance of winning up to $1,958 in free cash after meeting casino’s conditions. This promotion is just one of many that make RTG games particularly attractive to new players.

Real Time Gaming is responsible for state of the art gaming software and lucrative Real Time Gaming match casino bonuses but they are also known for supplying customers with exceptional management tools. Casino owners’ affinity for these resources, like water management tools and other custom features, have resulted in the increasingly positive reputation in regards to RTG software and a substantial number of licenses being purchased.

One thing for players to remember is that no matter what software a casino uses, online betting is always going to prove more lucrative than land-based casinos. Most land-based casinos will have one major prize on display while playing online not only provides players access to a diverse selection of games but also a wide array of bonuses. There will almost always be a sign up or welcome bonus and often there will be other rewards available like Real Time Gaming match bonuses, no deposit real time gaming bonuses and tons of other free money chances to win.

RTG is undoubtedly a software company worth keep an eye on. It has survived many years in the industry by relying on its innovation and adaptability.